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Linda Kelly Relationship Mentor

I understand the importance of feeling happy in the relationship with yourself, your partner and others.

My approach to counselling and coaching couples and individual women and men is from a heart-centred and compassionate foundation.

I integrate my experience as a qualified Counsellor and Teacher into a unique coaching and mentoring methodology that uses a whole person approach, as I believe by understanding ourselves first, allows us to better connect with others in a more meaningful way.

My support allows couples and individuals to transition from healing towards creating a future that reflects their true self and a secure foundation, to have a loving relationship with themselves, with a partner and with others.

I just love the transformations of those I support, to witness their open-heartedness, vulnerability and willingness to deepen their connection to themselves and others. This truly brings it back to my ‘why’, to help people ‘connect and flourish’ in loving relationships.

more about me

I am the perpetual learner and evolver.  My life path extends beyond on my university degrees, workshops and other accolades I’ve achieved.  I believe these are just some parts of the foundation from which we truly grow from. 

What is important is how I intuitively weave my skills and knowledge of over 25 years worth of teaching and coaching, into counselling and coaching couples and individuals.  How I integrate my life experiences and therapies into guiding and challenging people so they are consciously present to connect with compassion to themselves and within their relationships.

At my core, I resonate with all things that emanate inner beauty in its rawest form – from soft delicacy to unapologetic messiness, for here I believe this is where truth lives. I liken this sacred space to the availability between couples and individuals, where their hearts are open, their awareness expands and their love deepens for themselves as individuals and as partners in their relationships.

For the past 25 years I’ve dedicated myself to learning and living within the realms of spirituality.  I have completed and continue to expand in a suite of Meditation, Energy Work, Intuitive Readings, Shamanism and Tantra Sex programs.

other stuff

I loved doing belly dancing classes when I lived on the Sunshine Coast.

I enjoy a good strong coffee – way too often.

Seeing the sunrise and sunset are some of my favourite things to do.

I love singing and dancing to 80’s music – with the volume up loud.


My counselling, coaching and mentoring skills is a culmination of years of training, studies and expansions in working with empowering mentors.

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling (University of New England)
  • Bachelor of Training – Adult Education (Griffith University)
  • Diploma of Counselling  (APIC)
  • Diploma of Training Design and Development (HBA)
  • Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (HBA)
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Diploma of Quality Auditing

Specialised training in:

Some tools I use

I work with a range of evidenced-based modalities in sessions, so you can be assured you will go through a process proven to be effective.

Emotion Focused Therapy

This approach works effectively and harmoniously with couples.  It provides a deeper awareness for them to explore their personal beliefs and attachment styles with their partner.  Giving them an insightful understanding of why and how they connect the way they do.  This then leads to creating new ways of sharing their truth with their partner and receiving truth from their partner, with compassion, care and love.

Behavioural Couples Therapy

This dynamic approach allows partners to explore their fundamental behaviour response and how it links in with their thoughts, emotions, core belief and any suppressed past hurts. This approach allows partners to learn new ways of having truthful and safe conversations where both partners are heard and understood, without the escalation.  Through this deeper understanding enables couples to circle back to one another in a more supportive and non-judgemental way. 

Intimacy and Affection Couples Therapy

This approach encourages partners to explore their affection and intimacy preferences, their ‘turn-on’s and their ‘turn-offs’.  By exploring each partner’s underlying desires towards touch, affection sexual intimacy, what it means to them and how it connects to their core belief and values, allows partners a greater understanding of each other and living their truth within themselves and in their relationship.

My values & personality

Clients say they find me down to earth, warm and friendly, along with a kind smile.  That they feel safe and comfortable with me, and that I am approachable and human.  I have been told by some clients, that in their most difficult sessions, they still manage to feel uplifted and optimistic when they leave.

I genuinely care about my clients and how they progress through their challenges to a place of clarity.  I am naturally curious about people and believe this is a place where hope can live.  Clients will hear me say ‘be more curious and less judgemental’, this allows us glimpses into someone else’s world and tends to bring out more empathy and understanding.

I value the trust that is built between me and my clients.  Like a ‘safety net’, it cushions the support throughout our sessions, so clients gain a sense of how to trust themselves and others whilst keeping true to their own healthy boundaries.

What clients have to say

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