Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

Marriage Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

Couples Counselling

Supporting couples who want to strengthen their connection

Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

Couples Counselling North Lakes
Couples Counsellor North Lakes

Marriage Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

This is for couples who:

  • feel frustrated, lonely and want to reconnect with their partner.
  • want to learn how to communicate better with less conflict.
  • seek to recover from distrust or betrayl.
  • want to understand each other more emotionally.
  • want to move forward from old patterns.
  • want to feel love, closeness and intimacy again.

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

Ok, we're ready to work on our relationship

Over time couples can feel disconnected emotionally and intimately from one another.  Whether it’s life stresses, lack of communication, broken trust, family commitments or too many conflicts and not even resolution, couples may find they feel lonely within their relationship.

I provide a safe and comfortable environment for you both to rebuild your connection.  A space where you are seen, heard and emotionally felt by your partner.  As I guide you to learn new skills and challenge you when you need it, you will feel more in-tune and hopeful towards creating a closer bond with each other.  

Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

Session-by-Session process

Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

Long lasting changes doesn’t happen in just one session.  You are bringing new awareness to connecting to one another differently.   

The following process is for Session-by-Session Couples Coaching:

1. Couples attend their first Couples session together.

2. Followed by one Individual session for each partner.

3. Then followed by Couples sessions fortnightly until needed.

4. Then check-in sessions to help support and maintain the changes.

I like to work with Couples with a minimum of between 6 to 8 sessions. This will also depend on your needs and how you progress throughout the process.

Couples Counselling North Lakes Linda Kelly


Our first session as a couple

Arriving to the first session can bring up a mix of emotions – it’s your first session and it’s natural to feel that way. 

Know that you are in a safe environment where you won’t be judged.

In our first Couples session, it involves exploring your current concerns, a history overview and establish a plan of what you would like to achieve. 

You will learn some strategies you can use so you can see results right from the first session.


Individual sessions

In the Individual sessions, we explore how you show up in your relationship; your personal history, your own part in the relationship and how these areas affect your connection.  We delve into what you hope for as an individual and as a partner within your relationship.

Each partner expresses their perspectives. I am not on anyone’s side, but rather I am on their relationship side. I’m here to get to the heart of what you both want and give you the tools to get there.


Follow-up couple sessions

After the individual session, we then have follow up couples’ sessions.

The focus is around the areas of concern mentioned from the couples and individual session, then I bring it back to what you are both willing to enhance on within yourself as an individual and as a partner, to strengthen your relationship together. You will learn new ways to communicate, connect with empathy and emotional awareness, so then you’re able to apply this knowledge to your relationship in a way that feels comfortable for you both.

As a Couple, skills you can learn to:

Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

  • Communicate in ways that help you stay present in the conversation with your partner. Feel more at ease when expressing your truth, so it helps to strengthen your interaction together, instead of arguing, feeling frustrated and alone.


  • Use phrases, words and body language that keeps your conversations inviting, emotionally safe and non-judgmental.


  • Manage self-regulation in heightened moments, instead of projecting onto your partner.


  • Develop skills to ‘read’ your partner’s cues and for them to ‘read’ yours, so you can cut the conflict time in half and both get what you want.


  • Reduce defensive behaviour to help create a neutral space without it escalating.


  • Create a deeper understanding of each other, so you both feel heard, seen and valued.


  • Develop new ways of negotiating (career, family, home-life, blended-families, ex-partners, in-laws, personal interests etc) so you both have your needs met.


  • Learn to look at your own part and make changes to help improve the relationship.


  • Practice new ways to deepen trust and become each other’s confidante.


  • Become more aware of who you are as an individual and do self-reflection.


  • Explore new ways of giving and receiving affection, sexual pleasure and spending quality time together.

How can Couples Counselling help us?

Couples Counselling North Lakes Marriage Counselling Linda Kelly

Couples who seek out Couples Counselling are for various reasons, some include:

  • communication difficulties, decision-making and resolving conflict
  • expectations and power struggles
  • rebuild trust after a betrayl
  • differences in values and roles
  • emotional disconnection
  • mismatched libido and sexual dissatisfaction
  • move on from past hurts and resentments
  • to enrich a long-term relationship
  • have experienced hardship, such as a job loss, major illness, financial stress, or the death of a loved one and want to revitalise their relationship

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