Emotional Availability within Relationships

What does being emotionally available mean to you in a relationship?

For a start being emotionally available means being able to know and understand your own emotions first, so then you’re able to communicate that across to your partner.

Everyone has a different level of capacity when it comes to being emotional available, and it depends on a few things like:

  • how we relate and understand our own emotions
  • our beliefs on what emotions we choose to share or avoid
  • then there’s the level of trust in sharing certain emotions.

These levels of emotional availability can stem from our upbringing, our attachment styles in relationships and also our experiences from past and present relationships. 

3 simple ways to nurture your capacity to be emotionally available to your partner are:

1. Be willing to be present.

Lean into having those meaningful conversations (not the ‘yes dear’ version).  Sit with the uncomfortable, ask questions, share perspectives and emotions – this helps to create a deeper level of understanding between you both.  It also removes the guess work and ‘assumptions’ (we all know where assuming leads to, yep! conflict and heart-ache)

2.  Be Respectful

Accept that you and your partner will have different emotions and that’s okay.  You’re both individuals, honour your differences.

3.  Make an effort.

Even if you struggle and fumble in sharing during the vulnerability of sharing your emotions, keep making the effort because eventually you’ll get there.

Need help to explore how to deepen your emotional availability with your partner?

If you are seeking to work through areas of resistance that keeps you and your partner disconnected from being emotionally available for one another, reach out to work with Linda Kelly, Relationship Coach.

About Linda…

Linda is a Relationship Coach and Counsellor. Having worked with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds and various life situations, Linda understands the complexities and challenges that people experience in relationships.

Linda’s blend of coaching and counselling approach allows her to be more hands-on, supportive and directive, helping people to achieve results within themselves and in their relationships.

Linda Kelly Relationship Coach Couples Counsellor Brisbane Australia America Europe

Based within the gorgeous Redcliffe Peninsula region, Brisbane Australia, Linda offers in-person and online Zoom sessions, both Australia-wide and Internationally.

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