Finding a Suitable Romantic Partner

At some point early in a new romantic relationship, you’ll find yourself assessing and working your way through whether this is the right or suitable partner for you. 

In the early stages of a relationship you might find yourself swept up in the ‘feels’ of a new and exciting connection with someone you’re attracted. Once that initial phase of infatuation (and possibly lust) has settled down, the reality of looking into the compatibility and suitability of the relationship will start to be more of your focus. 

Finding a suitable romantic partner into your life is about accepting that no partner is going to be perfect. No one is perfect, we all know this.  We’ve all got flaws, annoying habits (possibly weird ones too) and it’s these imperfect traits that gives dimension to a person’s personality. 

Five things to note when finding a compatible and suitable romantic partner are:

1.  Know your values.

So you align with a partner who has similar values and expectations to you, someone who shares your common interest with.

2.  Open communication.

Someone who’s on the same level as you when it comes to talking and sharing. Someone who’s genuinely interested in what you have to say and vis versa.

3.  Give positive attention to their qualities.

Focus on their kind and loving qualities. Consider what you can both improve on to help enhance your relationship.

4. Be patient and understanding. 

Nurturing a romantic relationship takes time, patience, understanding and lots of communication.

5. Be yourself. 

Don’t compromise parts of you to try and fit into with what you think your partner wants from you – if this happens open up a conversation with them, this gives them an opportunity to talk this out with you.

So when you meet someone who you align with, that you’re compatible with, don’t rush it and take your time getting to know each other, so your love can grow wholeheartedly and genuinely.


Need help to explore how to find a suitable romantic partner? 

If you are seeking to work on yourself to explore how to attract a suitable partner into your life, reach out to work with Linda Kelly, Relationship Coach.

About Linda…

Linda is a Relationship Coach and Counsellor. Having worked with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds and various life situations, Linda understands the complexities and challenges that people experience in relationships.

Linda’s blend of coaching and counselling approach allows her to be more hands-on, supportive and directive, helping people to achieve results within themselves and in their relationships.

Linda Kelly Relationship Coach Couples Counsellor Brisbane Australia America Europe

Based within the gorgeous Redcliffe Peninsula region, Brisbane Australia, Linda offers in-person and online Zoom sessions, both Australia-wide and Internationally.

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