Healthy Relationships Course

(for Individuals, not Couples)

In-Person attendance
Starting February 2024

Attract the right relationships in your life

Are you wanting to have better relationships?

Do you have blurred boundaries with people?

Feel exhausted from pleasing others to feel appreciated?

Give yourself permission to give back to you, so you can start to heal and rediscover all parts of you.

Within a safe and supportive environment, you will learn ways to embrace all parts of you (the attractive and messy bits too) and refine your abilities to meet your own needs with more confidence towards what you deserve.  To loosen guilt and gain more self-acceptance around healthy boundaries and the types of relationships you want to attract. 

Change happens when you make it happen, begin your journey to live aligned to your values, beliefs and people you want to surround yourself with.

Sound familiar?


You’re aware of areas that hold you back and you’re ready to embrace more of who you are so you can have better relationships, whether it’s with a future partner, with friends, family, community, work or others in the community.

You may have found yourself moving from one unsatisfying or unhealthy relationship to the next. Wondering why you continually experience this discontentment, toxicity or lack of emotional connection within relationships.

Possibly you’ve had challenging relationships in your social circle or the family unit and unsure of how to create and maintain healthy connections with them. 

Maybe you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while and unsure of how to have an intimate relationship.

Or maybe you’re separated, widowed or divorced and want to develop a committed relationship with a partner again but want to work on yourself first before going into another committed relationship.

What ever your personal story and history is around relationships, this program can help you to further understand who you are as an individual and learn how to have a meaningful relationships.

As you shift your beliefs around what you deserve and don’t deserve, as well as letting go of old baggage, you are more able to live ‘like your true self’ within any relationship.


Be supported as you transform your perspectives and patterns around relationships, towards aligning with others, who also want a meaningful relationship with you.

How can this help me?

As a Relationship Coach I support you to further understand yourself and give you tools needed to refresh your outlook on relationships, so you will naturally attract suitable people in your life, build your self-confidence and create connections with substance. 

Over the years of working with people around their self-values and relationship connections, I have come to recognise that the main foundation towards their connection with others, begins within themselves first.  It’s an introspective journey that we begin to understand who we are, how we’ve come to be the way we are and to learn empowering ways to create relationships that resonate and align with our ‘true self’.

Once you have this deep understanding and acceptance of yourself, you will naturally experience a better connections with others based on honesty and integrity. 

Feeling more at ease with yourself, you’ll be able to express without the obligations of people pleasing or doubting yourself and live daily life around your framework of healthy boundaries.   You can attract and create substantial and meaningful relationships, whether it’s a romantic, social, family, work or community connections.  This holistic sense of well-being doesn’t just stop there, it enhances your mental, spiritual and physical health. 

If you find yourself yearning for more meaningful connections in your life, this program can help you create those fulfilling relationships.  

Through learning topics on self perspectives, relationships attachments and provoking discussions, you will begin to unlock the your deeper knowing and any resistances that are holding you back.  This, in turn, can help you build your self-confidence and attract the right people into your life and create those fulfilling relationships you desire. 

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

The program can help improve your relationships by:
  • Learning how to communicate your preferences and maintain your boundaries within relationships in a mature way.
  • Developing new ways to handle your trigger points, defuse anger and express yourself with more ease.
  • Understanding your attachment and communication styles to help you create connections that are meaningful to you.
  • Expanding on your inner dialogue and intuition to help make better choices.
  • Honouring and accepting all parts of you (your held together parts and messy part too).

Don’t just settle for anything less than you deserve.
Take a leap of faith and embark on this transformative and empowering journey.
Your future self will thank you.

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

This program is for you if:
  • you are an individual over 30 years of age, of any gender or pronoun.

  • you are struggling with relationships, whether it’s an intimate relationship, friendships, family, community or all of them.

  • you are struggling due to the effects from past relationships.

  • you want to create healthier relationship boundaries.

  • you tend to attract people who are emotionally unavailable.

  • you want to break free of holding yourself back and learn how to create  meaningful relationships.

  • are single, separated, divorced or widowed and ready to date again, but want to work on yourself before starting another relationship.

  • are ready to make changes to help yourself and create happier connections with others.

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

Across the 4 sessions you will learn to:
  • understand how your unconscious patterns have been disempowering you in relationships.

  • explore how to transform your thoughts and patterns to align with your values and beliefs. 

  • identify what you are seeking in a relationships. 

  • be confident in making choices that are in sync with your boundaries around relationships.

  • create a vision of what you would your relationships to look like.

  • establish an appreciation for yourself with self-compassion.  

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'Healthy Relationship Program' sessions cover:

Session 1: Values

Exploring your values and attachment styles. Giving yourself permission to honour your preferences (instead of people pleasing and doing what you think you ‘should’ do). Understanding your relationship patterns and identifying what is important to you so you can live more aligned to your values.

Session 2: Discovery

Identifying how you show up in your relationships through feminine and/or masculine energy (the subdued watered down version or the fiercely controlling version). Finding your boundaries within relationships, to express your voice and take action steps to feel authentic and empowered in your choices.

Session 3: Expression

Understanding and honouring your emotions. Handling anger and triggers points through self-regulation of using your positive psychology mindset and simple body soothing techniques. Reconnecting your mind and body so you can feel more at ease and comfortable within your inner world.

Session 4: Acceptance

Building self-compassion through identifying helpful ways you accept yourself first before meeting anyone else’s needs. Identifying what you want to let go of and what you want to attract more of. Learning ways to bounce back from set backs when things don’t go to plan.

Be empowered by:


on your own values around self-worth, your patterns and behaviours within relationships.

Be clear in what you believe you deserve and don’t deserve, as well as shedding old patterns of unhealthy beliefs that hold you back from having healthy relationship with yourself and others.


to express your truth in what you want and to honour your healthy boundaries.

The confidence to stand in your truth and what you value, so to attract like-minded and like-hearted relationships in your life.


in your approach to having conversations within a relationship.

To clearly express your needs to alleviate any escalation or avoidance in a calm way, to honour yourself and your relationships.


ways of expressing your desires within a relationship.

To remain compassionate with your needs within a relationship and respect another person’s wishes around their relationship needs.

Program details:

Bringing a Group together

When bringing a group together in this program, it’s important to consider everyone’s personality and how they will compliment each other and that no one will dominate the group. If you know you’re not a group person, then individual counselling with me could be more suitable for you.


Small Group Size

Maximum number of individuals in this program is 6.  Minimum numbers apply.

Dates and Times

The 4 In-Person Sessions will be on the following dates:

Saturday 10 February 2024
Saturday 24 February 2024
Saturday 9 March 2024
Saturday 23 March 2024

The program will be held within a private and comfortable studio located in north Brisbane. 


Resource Handouts. You receive useful handouts from each session, with supportive information covered in the session, activities and homework reflections.

Register your interest to book into the program 
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Frequently asked questions

I will make it clear from the beginning that the group needs to remain safe and confidential. From the very first session, I invite every group member to participate in a circle of confidentiality. I make it very clear and remind everyone that what others share in the group, remains within the group and is not to be talked amongst other group members or with others outside the group.

No, this is optional.

Whilst this program is designed for individual exploration and personal growth, I navigate the group as to when group sharing will take place and monitor the level disclosure that is being share, assessing it’s relevance or not.

Importantly, you are not the Group Facilitator of the group and are not there to give advise or console another group member.

Part of being in a group is the healing in the space of being heard and feeling seen by others.

• Being part of a group, you will experience a sense of belonging as you are being seen and heard by your group members. This connection is empowering in itself and allows further permission for other group members to share their experiences.

• Through engaging with others in the group, you can become aware of different perspectives that were unknown before.

• It gives you a chance to see how others affect you and how you affect others. This can be emotionally moving, allowing to express yourself in a safe environment, this invites the receiving and giving of support from your group members.

• You will feel inclusive, as you learn you’re alone in experiencing certain situations and emotions.

• It allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, feel a sense of community and belonging.

• The group also gives you the opportunity to try out new ways of connecting with others and new behaviours – bringing this into your outside world to create new ways of living.

Myself and your group members would miss you if you couldn’t make it, once a group is formed, everyone feels it when a group member is absent. Part of your personal development from this group program is your commitment to attend all four sessions. There are no discounts for any session/s you miss and no ‘make up’ session/s that you miss.

All four sessions of this program are designed to be delivered in-person and therefore is will not be recorded for online purposes. 

You can feel all kinds of emotions when joining a new group, I guarantee you, everyone else feels the same, you’re not alone. Everyone brings something different to the group in their own unique way. In groups, we may hear someone say something that sparks an interest in us to reflect, become curious and maybe see a different perspective or it could be something life changing. Possibly something you share could have a life changing revelation for someone else. There’s always something to gain from being in a group however you participate.

No. The program is offered within a group environment at this stage. If you are interested in doing this on a 1:1 basis, please reach out to Linda to know more on how she can support and guide you.

This program is not for you if you
  • If you are currently in therapy for abuse or trauma or addictions.
  • If you have been diagnosed with personality disorder, are suicidal or have been recently hospitalised for mental health issues.
  • If you want somewhere to vent your issues or feelings. This group is not a therapy session nor a place to unload. This group focuses on learning information, quiet self-reflection and designated sharing equal talk time within the group.
  • If you are not willing to help yourself.
  • If you ruminate in resentment, anger or blame and want to stay there.
  • If you can’t offer respect and kindness to others in the group without judgement.

Couples Counselling Brisbane Linda Kelly

About your facilitator

As your guide and coach, Linda has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples over the years in areas of relationship of self and relationship with others, whether it’s romantic, friendships or with family members.

Linda’s expansive degrees and qualifications empowers her to work with those who are wanting to develop their sense of self and have mature relationships with others. Her proactive and intuitive approach to weaving her modalities to help people evolve and transform their perspectives around relationships, enables them to make confident choices towards meaningful connections.

Linda brings a warmth of inclusivity when working with groups and individuals in a personable way that nurtures their personal growth.

Couples Counsellor North Brisbane Linda Kelly

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