Negotiating Separation & Divorce

Ultimately, no matter who was ‘at fault’, no one feels good holding onto bitterness after a breakup. I help shepherd couples through the journey to the next stage of their lives if they are choosing to consciously and amicably uncouple. This is particularly important for clients with children, that will always be part of each other’s lives through that connection.

When a relationship ends with your partner, your whole existence as you have known it has changed. The loss of a relationship can signify the end of dreams, future plans and a commitment shared. Separation counselling can help partners find a way to forgiveness and self-compassion, by gaining different perspectives and allowing for self-expression. This allows you to emerge with deeper clarity, with a renewed sense of hope and better equipped to develop healthier relationships in the future

My hope is for people to be connected even when they are disconnected. What that means is, even when you part ways with your partner and are not the same as you used to be, you can still be in some kind of relationship and end on good terms.

I had an email from a client last year thanking me for their counselling sessions with me. They told me about how they did a ‘co-parenting’ ceremony, where they gathered together with their children by the waterfront. This was to honour their de-coupling as husband and wife and celebrate their ‘co-parenting’ relationship to their children. They chose to do this on a very significant day, their wedding anniversary, so they could still celebrate their relationship but in a different co-parenting way. Every time I think about that, it warms my heart, having been part of their counselling journey as they moved from being a couple to being single and maintaining their respectful relationship for one another and their co-parenting roles for their children.

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