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Supporting Women

Women counselling for separation Brisbane Linda Kelly Relationship Counsellor

I support women to move from their pain points within relationships towards empowerment within themselves.  To make decisions that support what they value about themselves and their relationships. 

Women’s Counsellor for Women, North Lakes, Linda Kelly

Do you feel stuck in different areas of your life and you can’t seem to move forward?

Need clarity in your existing relationship?

Are you at the end of a relationship and ready to start a new beginning?

Online Women’s Counselling for relationship guidance, Relationship Coach Linda Kelly


Women I support

Women counselling to recover from relationship separation Brisbane Linda Kelly Relationship Counsellor

I’m here to guide you to move from heart-ache to empowerment, to support you and gently challenge you when needed.

To help you gain clarity around your personal values and within your relationships.

To deepen your awareness and understanding of your own sense of self, to help create a solid foundation from where you can create fulfilling and loving relationships.

How I help you

Women counselling to recover from relationship separation Brisbane Linda Kelly Relationship Counsellor

The healing journey towards empowerment takes time and patience, something that can not to be rushed.  I find doing a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions will help you embody the process I use which is a combination of:

  • Attachment Styles, to have healthier relationships.
  • Emotion Focused Therapy, to process and manage your emotions.
  • Inner Child work, to process unresolved past issues.
  • Self-Compassion work, to accept oneself.
  • Empowerment strategies to help you integrate these new ways into your life and relationships.

Women’s Counsellor for Women, North Lakes, Linda Kelly

What you can learn

  • recognise unconscious ways you have been repeating patterns and create new ones
  • identify limiting beliefs that have impacted your relationships
  • create an intention for what you want in a future intimate relationship and in your life
  • develop a plan to attract relationships that align with who you are
  • skills to help you communicate in a mature way
  • devise action steps to help you make meaningful choices to bring you peace and happiness
  • establish healthy boundaries that are in sync with your values 
  • work through hang ups that may be blocking you from having a satisfying relationship
  • develop healthy boundaries before beginning a new relationship
  • establish more balance between home, career and family life.
  • transition from being in a relationship to being single and/or a co-parent

You are not alone

The social norms around women juggling work, managing family and home life along with being in a relationship is changing and evolving. 

These cultural expectations of woman ‘having it all’ can lead women to being over-achievers and people-pleasers to keep the peace.  While on the inside the are most likely suffering in silence, feeling stressed, emotionally fragile, let alone having the energy to be intimate in a relationship.  

I offer a supportive and caring environment for women to overcome these perceived  cultural norms and help them build healthy realistic ways of living that is authentic to them and within their relationships. 

Women’s Counselling for Women, Relationship Counsellor, Linda Kelly, North Lakes Brisbane

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If you would like to connect with me to know more about Individual Counselling, please email: support @lindakelly.com.au

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