Your partner is not the enemy during conflict

Get caught up in the cycle of conflict with your partner?

There is ‘conflict about a difference of opinion’ with your partner and then there’s ‘conflict that escalates and without a resolve’. 

Yes there is a difference between the two.

So, if you’re experiencing conflict with your partner…

Is the conflict about a difference of opinion?


Is the conflict about something deeper going on underneath?  Maybe resolved hurt, unresolved issues or the unspoken conversations with withholds your truth.

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When you’re going around in circles in the conflict and it turns to ‘blah, blah, blah’ and it’s going nowhere:

STOP each other from escalating

ACKNOWLEDGE each other’s frustration, hurt etc

REFLECT on what you’re really trying get across to your partner

RECONNECT with your partner through expressing your truth in a friendly way and with compassion


During conflict with your partner,

they are not the enemy,

but rather it’s the driving factor or issues that is the conflict.

If you and your partner are getting lost in the cycle of conflict and need clarity on your conflict, strategies and guidance in how to communicate in a more healthy way, express your truth and remain close and connected in times of conflict, book in for your Couples Coaching session or Individual Coaching session with Linda Kelly.

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